Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Rightwing "Boylovers"

One of those things that's always irritated me about NAMBLA, apart from their trying to hitch their political cart to mainstream gay rights, has been their dyed-in-the-wool, sanctimonious leftism. Perhaps it's time to give rightwing American "boylovers" a chance - especially as the new Obomination Administration will be specifically targetting just such people.
Jeffrey Ray Nielsen (pictured) from Orange Co., Calif., who had sex on several occasions with a 14-year-old boy

Jeffrey Kyle Randall, former mayor of Clarkfield, Minn., sentenced to nine months in jail and six years on probation on charges that he molested two boys from 1997 to 2003

Bobby Stumbo, Floyd County Republican leader, charged with having sex with a 6-year-old boy

John Curtin, who had sex with a 17-year-old boy

Howard L. Brooks, who was arrested for molesting a 12-year-old boy

Reverend Stephen White, who solicited sex from a teenage boy

Andrew Buhr, indicted for having sex with a 14-year-old boy
Probably loads of others as well!

I wish they'd just get it together to making a "conservative" (i.e. sensible) stand in favour of more humane ways of dealing with the problem of paedophilia.

They should start by accepting themselves and their feelings for what they are (i.e. fundamentally positive) and then concentrate on conservative legislative programs, such as putting an end to family breakdown and restoring spiritual values, that will genuinely lift the hearts and minds of the boys they naturally care for.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

You do have a choice

A remark on rightwing pundit Peter Hitchens's blog recently really annoyed me.

Black is equivalent to homosexual in that neither is a choice. Hence, if this article had been written in such a way about black people, or any other ethnic group, no doubt there would be chants of "bigot" in a similar way.

Posted by: Daniel Gray 03 February 2009 at 02:22 PM
The reason why it annoyed me was that it's simply not true. And that's because homosexuality is a matter of choice, and just about anyone reading this blog should know that. As in the excellent film Minority Report, real choice is possible.

There is a natural attraction that exists between men. Unfortunately there can also be such a thing as sexual frustration, or the repression of a man's natural sexual feelings. Normally this is to do with a sense of personal inadequacy, arrested personal development, or moral immaturity. Boys can "go through phases" of homosexuality - that is until they come to a proper appreciation of themselves as sexual beings. Some such boys of course never make the transition from dirty jokes and (possibly) even sex-games with each other to proper sexual relations with members of the opposite sex. (And at this point I might say it's hard to see how using the criminal law to crack down on prepubescent boys playing with each other can really help them to make that transition - but perhaps that's a subject for another post!)

The reasons why men might choose, consciously or unconscioulsy, not to have sex with women and to fool around with each other instead, may include:

(i) there are no women around, or, for some reason, the men in question are unable to make adequate social contact with the women who are around - possibly for social reasons, possibly for psychological ones (e.g. because the men perceive themselves to be inadequate in some way - and often, as it happens, physical disability, whether genetic or otherwise, may well be a factor in this - or because they have some sort of ingrained taboo or phobia about women, such as misogyny or "gynophobia"*);

(ii) for reasons similar to those for (i), or for other reasons, these men may not wish to take on the responsibilities of proper marital relations and reproduction.
It is worth bearing in mind that there is a basic dichotomy here between these two types of homosexuals. Nor, just as importantly, do these types apply merely to homosexuals. There are indeed plenty of (i) misogynistic heterosexuals and, conversely, plenty of (ii) homosexuals who like children. Also, although these two types may broadly correspond in homosexuality to "queens" and "butches", or to "tops" and "bottoms" - though which is which I couldn't say - I personally prefer to divide gays into simply those that are pro- and anti-children - the paedophobic minority and the majority that is, whatever they may themselves claim, still thankfully paedophilic.

The first example I thought of by way of illustration was, somewhat unsurprisingly, Oscar Wilde. He is of course a problem for my thesis here because he wasn't actually a homosexual. He certainly wasn't according to the strict theological definition of the term (i.e. given that he enjoyed marital relations with his dear wife). In modern parlance, moreover, he was a "bi" rather than a "gay". He did, however, clearly have paedophilic tendencies, and as such he was very much in the modern homosexual mainstream.

The ambivalent attitude of the Sexual Revolutionaries to the idea of "choice" is one of those great mysteries of our age. On the one hand choice is lauded to the skies, especially where it's used as a sickening euphemism for killing unborn children. On the other hand, the idea that an individual may be able to choose, or at any rate indirectly form, at least a large part of his or her sexuality, is anathema to the overwhelming majority of moden, "liberated" people.

*OK, I'm not sure that that's actually a word, but if you can have "paedo-philes" then why not?

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Boy-on-Jewboy Action!

Holocaust Memorial Day is of course one of those special days when antiwar pricks try to pretend that the Jews were and/or are really just as bad as the Nazis. I thought I'd celebrate kind by going all broad-minded and tolerant and linking to the story of Aryan beauty Matt Damon sticking it to that no-good Jewish schmuck Bill Kristol. Apparently they're going to have a debate - which should be fun.

Of course it could be even more fun if they just skipped the debate, and we could watch Matt whup Kristol's ass the same way he did with stoopid kike Brendan Fraser in that really cool movie.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Der Held und seine Kinder

[H/T: Tribunus]

Before it's too late?

Gay paedophiles are targeting primary schools now. The Daily Male broke the news this week, but a short trip to the organisation's own website (here and here) confirms their analysis of what's going on.

Sex before eight? Indeed!

UPDATE: The Telegraph is just one 'paper amongst others carrying news of children who were taken away from their grandparents, who were "too old" (i.e. too old-fashioned), by social workers and placed with gay paedophiles.

Disgusting isn't the word for it, so much as deeply, deeply depressing.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

'How can the light that burned so brightly suddenly burn so pale?'

Was it Simon or was it Garfunkel that did the original for Watership Down back in the 1970s?

Either way, this vid rather supports my maxim that anything a man can do a boy can do better.

Friday, 23 January 2009


'Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.'

[The Dauphin, in Shakespeare, Henry V, II.iii]

I went black this morning and now I'm blue. I was feeling gloomy and depressed, but now it's the weekend, and now I'm really just wondering what I want to do with this blog next. In reality I'm probably going to need feedback from other interesting people if I'm going to be able to go on writing. I need controversy and argument. I also need approval and people saying nice things. And I can't really run on porn alone.

Yes, I've been masturbating in the last few days. Not a lot - maybe just four times in two days, and not at all since. But it's still a manifestation of the old vicious circle - depression and self-abuse chasing each round and round in a horrific dance between cause and effect. And here of course, like the classic masturbator (as C S Lewis describes him, for example) I'm turning in on myself, cutting myself off from the outside world.

For me, it has to be said, a good day is a day when I see a boy smile (and, maybe, I get an erection). A bad day is a day when I end up alone and morally constricted, full of fear and guilt and, in a word, "stress". One thing I've noticed about myself recently is the way my jaws often seem to be jammed together, even when I'm sleeping. Perhaps it's trying to maintain "self-control"!

Or is it all just selfishness?